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Unoccupied Properties in Scotland – a ‘Wasted Resource’ says HeirHunter, Daniel Curran

Council tax data reveals that nearly 43,000 council-tax liable properties in Scotland have been unoccupied for six months or longer, contributing to the housing supply crisis. “Long-term empty properties are a wasted resource at a time when Scotland urgently needs more homes,” states Daniel Curran, the founder and CEO of Finders International, a prominent firm specializing in identifying owners of...

Richard Ticehurst property

A surprise windfall of £250,000 from a Man living with no electricity

Richard Ticehurst sadly passed away in Eastbourne in February this year leaving a £250,000 estate to relatives he had never met.   Leading up to his death, Richard had been living in very poor conditions, with no electricity or gas and was known to function in the evenings with a torch light on his head. Richard Ticehurst property in Eastbourne where the top floor ceiling had collapsed The...

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