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Property Management

Our Services at a Glance

  • Probate / Trust Property Sales online only or by traditional agency (we have a UK wide network to include ‘local agents’ where requested). We use the usual online property websites. We can also arrange auctions with our trusted partners and have numerous cash buyers on our books.
  • Property Searches / Property Attendances – We are highly experienced in looking for estate papers, wills, financial documents etc through our work in probate genealogy. We also look for valuable chattels or items of special interest to the Estate.
  • Key safe Installation
  • EPCs, Floorplans, Photos & Video Package
  • Property Clearances – Quotations are free of charge. We only use approved, licensed contractors.
  • Securing properties  / Lock changes etc
  • Free local estate agent & valuations (no handling fee)
  • RICS probate valuations – 7 day turnaround.
  • Chattel valuations for IHT purposes
  • Sale of valuables / chattels etc
  • Drone Roof Surveys
  • Unoccupied Property Insurance:
    Key Terms (also see attached)
    No need for regular visits.
    No stipulations regarding draining down of systems, switching off water and so on. 
    We only need to know that we have access to the property should we need it, and also that the property is water and airtight. 
    Property insured immediately by us on receipt of an address

Effective Property Management, Probate, and Security

Property management involves the management and maintenance of a property, typically on behalf of the property owner. This can include tasks such as maintaining the property, handling complaints, and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. A good property manager can help maximise the value of a property and minimise the workload and stress for the property owner.

Probate property refers to property that is part of a deceased person’s estate and is subject to probate proceedings. This can include real estate, personal property, and other assets.

Managing probate property can be a complex process, as it involves legal proceedings and may require the assistance of a solicitor or other professionals. It’s important to ensure that probate property is properly managed and dealt with in accordance with the deceased person’s wishes and any applicable laws or regulations. A property belonging to a person who has recently passed away may also need to be cleared and we have considerable experience of a wide range of clearance situations, including properties containing valuable items or important paperwork to those that may have been hoarded.

Property security is integral to this process, especially when the property is vacant, and The Estates Agent can arrange for locksmiths and other trades to attend and secure property often using a same day service. Our regional representatives will be available to personally supervise any property management tasks. Please see our Unoccupied Property Insurance page for more information.

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