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Tracing Empty Property Owners and Addressing Empty Property Issues in the UK

Empty properties pose significant challenges in the UK, ranging from attracting squatters and vandalism to contributing to vermin infestation and declining property prices. This article delves into the issue of empty properties, estimated to exceed 400,000 in number, and highlights the importance of tracing their owners to help alleviate the housing crisis and revitalize communities.

If you know of an Empty Property, report it to us and we will Investigate

Our exclusive tracing partner – Finders International – are the UK’s largest heir hunter and probate research firm, and have been tracing owners to empty property since 1997. Therefore, we can take immediate action to trace the owners and get the empty property issues resolved expeditiously.

The Problem of Empty Properties

Empty properties across the UK create a multitude of problems that extend beyond their physical boundaries. They become magnets for squatters, leading to security concerns and increased crime rates. Vandalism and neglect further deteriorate the properties, making them unsightly and hazardous. Additionally, these abandoned spaces provide a refuge for vermin, posing health risks to neighbouring properties. The presence of empty properties also affects the local property market, as their neglected appearance and negative reputation contribute to decreased property values in the area.

The Housing Crisis and Empty Properties

The prevalence of empty properties in the UK is particularly distressing given the nationwide housing crisis. With a shortage of affordable homes and rising homelessness, it is disheartening to witness a significant number of properties lying unused. Tracing the owners of these properties is essential to facilitate their return to use, thereby providing much-needed housing options and relieving some of the strain on the housing market.

Our exclusive tracing partners - Finders International - Identify and Locate Empty Property Owners

Finders International
has a dedicated team of researchers who work to identify and trace the owners of dilapidated properties.
By collaborating with individuals who report empty properties, we aim to bring about positive outcomes for both the community and the individuals involved

The Benefits of Reporting Empty Properties

Reporting empty properties can yield several benefits. Firstly, it empowers individuals to take an active role in improving their communities by addressing blight and creating safer environments. Secondly, it aids in identifying property owners who may be unaware of the condition or status of their properties. By tracing these owners, Finders International can initiate a dialogue and potentially assist in bringing the properties back into use. This, in turn, increases the availability of housing options and positively impacts property values, benefiting the community as a whole.

Empty Property in the UK

Empty properties in the UK represent a significant problem in the UK and identifying and tracing the owners of these properties is crucial as a first step towards addressing the housing crisis, revitalizing communities, and creating positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved. By reporting empty properties to Finders can play an active role in transforming dilapidated eyesores into well-maintained homes, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant society.

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